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Let's Find Out Which Coloured Sofa Cover is For You!

Let's Find Out Which Coloured Sofa Cover is For You!

The colour you pick for your home can psychologically impact your mood, feelings, behaviours and so on. It is important to understand colour psychology and the way it can change us. Let’s find out which sofa colour is for you based on your choice of colour. 


If you choose the red coloured sofa cover, you are a strong, confident person. Red is commonly used to communicate “stop” as it captures attention, elicits strong emotion, and conveys confidence. This colour will encourage and even provoke you to be impulsive. Because this colour is a paradox, red can be associated with violence and anger but also be linked to the feeling of love and luxury. When others see red, an increase in their heart rate, blood flow and body temperature, as well as their energy levels, will all be noticeably higher.


When going for a blue sofa cover, you will come off as a loyal, compassionate and reliable person. Blue stands for serenity, intelligence and bravery. This colour creates a peaceful and relaxing environment. However, overusing this colour will lead to the room feeling cold and sad. When used correctly, this colour can lower one’s heart rate, blood flow and body temperature while also encouraging sleeping and memory retention. 


If your go-to sofa cover colour is purple then you are a unique, brave and creative person. Historically, purple was often seen as a royal, wealthy colour. Now purple is seen as a spiritual and playful colour. Purple is quite untraditional and might come off as arrogant or condescending. However if used right, purple can be the perfect harmony and balance between two opposing forces. It can show off your creativity and create a magical and calming environment. 


If you are looking for a green sofa-coloured cover, you might be a down-to-earth, practical and helpful individual. Green is often associated with wealth, wellness and growth. When adding green to your home, you will find that your body will feel more relaxed, less stressed as well as see an improvement in reading, productivity and creativity. However, too much green can be perceived as greedy and envious. Although green accents will show prosperity and freshness in your home. 


Pink-coloured sofa covers are quite a statement. Usually pink is associated with femininity, playfulness and love. When adding pink around the house, you can be perceived as innocent but so full of love and happiness that you are not afraid to show it. Pink is very useful and known to tone down aggression and regulate your mood. Choosing pink will not only soften but brighten up the room, creating an embracing and creative room.


If you pick an orange-coloured sofa colour, you are seen to be fun, social and nurturing. Orange is often used to grab attention in a less enticing and aggressive way. Although orange is often loved or hated, not many feel indifferent when it comes to this colour. However, orange used around the house can increase one’s appetite, energy levels and metabolism. When orange is placed too much, it can be overpowering as it ​​heightened emotions, activity levels, and awareness. Make sure to use orange sparingly.


Yellow sofa covers are very underrated. Yellow shows and represents someone who is happy, positive and optimistic. Yellow will boost energy levels, memory retention and encourages conversations. Although, too much yellow or the wrong shade of yellow can be overpowering. Despite that, yellow sofa covers will create an inviting and cheerful environment. 


When buying white sofa covers, you show others that you are clean, pure and orderly. It creates an inclusive, calming and fresh environment. Although, having too much white can be uncomfortable and impersonal. Make sure to use other bright colours when using a white-coloured sofa cover. 


Placing a black sofa-coloured cover, you will be perceived as a bold, risk-taker and a bit impulsive. Black is usually associated with death, making it a strong and dark colour. Black should be used sparingly but will always be considered a timeless and appropriate colour. 

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