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Calming Grey Waterproof Sofa SlipCover

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$32.95 - $52.95
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What's more refreshing than a brand new home decor color every week! The Calming Grey Waterproof Sofa SlipCover helps with just that. 

Why SlipCover?

Breathe fresh new life into your living space while protecting your furniture from everyday wear and tear. With the best polyester and cotton mix, you can never go wrong with our Soco Sofa Covers. 


Installation instructions:

The SlipCovers are easy to install. Just lift up the cover's label and throw the cover over your sofa. Stretch it back and over the back and arms of your sofa and tie it up underneath. Use the included foam sticks to tighten any loose fabric into its creases.

Is it pet-friendly? 

All our SlipCovers are made with the highest quality materials preventing it from scruffs and paw prints in every way possible. The covers are easy to clean and maintain as well. 


1 Seater: For sections with a measured length of 35-55in/90-140cm

2 Seater: For sections with a measured length of 57-72in/145-185cm

3 Seater: For sections with a measured length of 75-90in/190-230cm 

4 Seater: For sections with a measured length of 92-118in/235-300cm