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Fun Pattern Sofa Cushion Covers

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Original price $19.99 - Original price $44.99
Original price
$19.99 - $44.99
Current price $19.99

Worried About Your Couch?

These Fun Pattern Sofa Covers will add something special. They will transform your couch to make them look more unique and new. Whether your couch cushions need protection or are damaged and need to be replaced, you have come to the right place. Try our super soft and comfortable covers to either protect your new/old couches and cushions or hide any imperfections. Our covers come in a variety of colours and styles to ensure there is one for everyone. Our cover are also great at elevating any space.  

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Why SlipCover?

Our covers are made out of high-quality polyester and spandex. This ensures the covers are wrinkle-resistant, comfortable, soft and elastic enough to stretch over your furniture. Our covers are also machine safe, making them easy to clean, replace and wash. As you wash our covers, you can be confident that they will not pill, shrink or lose their colour. However, for best results, hang to dry. Our covers are extremely great at absorbing moisture and keeping its form, making them comfy and hassle-free. Despite top-quality fabrics being used, our covers are priced reasonably and will last you a lifetime. 


Installation instructions:

The SlipCovers are easy to install. Just lift up the cover's label and throw the cover over your sofa. Stretch it back and over the back and arms of your sofa and secure it with the belt. Use the included foam sticks to tighten any loose fabric into its creases.

Is it pet-friendly? 

Because all our SlipCovers are made with the highest quality materials, it prevents scruffs, scratches and paw prints from being visible. The covers are easy to clean and maintain, making them ideal for all homes including pets. 


Size Length Width Height
Normal Size
50-70 cm 50-70 cm 50-70 cm
5-20 cm
100-125 cm 100-125 cm 50-70 cm
150-190 cm 150-190 cm 50-70 cm
230-180 cm 230-280 cm 50-70 cm
Enlarge Size
65-95 cm 65-95 cm 65-95 cm
95-135 cm 95-135 cm 65-95 cm
135-165 cm 135-165 cm 65-95 cm
165-200 cm 165-200 cm 65-95 cm
160-190 cm 160-190 cm 90-110 cm
Backrest Cover 60-90 cm 30-50 cm