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Securing Clips Set

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Looking to securely place your slipcovers?

Our securing clips are the perfect tool to help secure any slipcover to your furniture. This particular one is a set of four securing clips. The clips come in a variety of colours, either with 2 or 3 heads. They can be anywhere from 20-50cm for 2 heads to 15~40cm for 3 heads in length. Because our securing clips are made out of the highest quality fabrics, you can be confident that a one-time purchase will last you a lifetime. 

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Instructions For Cushions:

To place your securing clips to your cushions, simply stretch and flatten the fabric to ensure a smooth secure fit. Then clamp 2 or 3 corners. 

Instructions For Bedsheets: 

To place your securing clips requires 4 steps: 

Frist flatten and stretch out the bedsheet to ensure the sheet is sitting how you would like it. Then clamp the bedsheet with one side of your securing clip about 30cm away from the corner. After, clamp the other side of the corner about 30cm away. Lastly, clamp the corner of the bedsheet

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Stainless Steel Clips

Our securing clips are made out of high-quality stainless steel. Reassuring our consumers that they will not only last long but are durable.

Plastic Bites

The clips have plastic bites to ensure a softer grip. Delicate items such as bedsheets and slipcovers will not be destroyed when using our securing clips. 


Because the nylon belt is adjustable, you will not have to worry about finding the right size. Our securing belts that are one size fits all are guaranteed to fit.